Thursday, June 18, 2020

Retreat Day Four

Today was much the same as yesterday, except the mess on my table was neutral instead of brown and blue.

I was trying to create some order in a mess of leftovers, practice blocks, rejects, and other bits of neutral detritus.  

The most I got accomplished was framing a few blocks to bring them up to a standard size.

After sorting the bits into piles of strips, squares, and triangles I packed it all away and turned my attention to a couple of moldie-oldie projects since the person who taught those classes at guild was sitting at the next table.😊

Remembering Marie is an 8-pointed star by Civil War Legacies.  I have had all the strip sets together since the class many years ago.  Also, one set of star units cut.  I stitched that one star point together to have as my sample for the future.

Then I pulled out Weaver Fever by Jackie Robinson.  I had made a fabric change several years ago that required disassembling some strip sets.  I felt certain that I had made all the replacements but was pleasantly surprised at how many blocks I had finished!  I trimmed and assembled two more rows this evening.

And I discovered even more finished blocks in the bottom of the box that I still need to square up.  Looking at this picture I see some apparent errors which may be why those few blocks were separated from the rest in the bottom of the box.

Heading home in the morning.  All-in-all, one of the best gatherings -- of course, the fact that we haven't all been together since February could have something to do with it.


  1. Looking forward to seeing how you get those neutral put together, Libby. LOVE what you've got going with that Weaver Fever!!!

  2. I like those neutral blocks, Libby! Are they going to all turn into one quilt? I love that calm, soothing color scheme.

  3. A very successful retreat! Weaver Fever is really cool, love that setting.


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