Monday, June 1, 2020


and not so blessed

Last week was a week of ups and downs, blessings and not-so-much.  

Monday - I had figured out how to make side triangles on Starry Night and was able to get the center together.

Nann/No Strings Attached asked about the original fabric I stacked for the 60-degree triangles so I thought youall might be interested, too.

There wasn't enough background in the print to make an interesting One Block Wonder, so I used a Stack 'n' Whack setting option which also made the quilt top bigger.  It still needed at least a small yellow border all around to give the top and bottom hexies some breathing room.  I cut yellow inner borders and got one side pinned.  I'm not sure why it's still sitting on my side table.  (Could be because I find sewing borders boring!)

Tuesday - an example of what happens when you can't wrap your head around quilty math.

For the life of me, I couldn't remember how to make an economy block to fit a specific size! Through trial and error I finally hit on the perfect size and was able to get the flying geese borders on Everlasting.

I decided to put a small red border on the outside of the geese to stabilize all those seams, but no matter how many times I measured, the geese stretched and became longer than the piece I had cut.  After making slight adjustments in the seams between geese, they were still too long (and different lengths side-to-side) so I set it aside -- on top of Starry Night.

Wednesday - Why not?  I had a frenzy of cleaning in the cutting room.  One thing lead to another and as I was putting away Hopkins Square I remembered I had made another working sample when I was leading the Magical Mystery last year.  So I put those blocks on the wall.

Every time I walked into the sewing room I would rearrange a few blocks.  By Sunday I had a finished center.  Just needs borders.  (Do you sense a pattern developing here?)  It will make a nice donation for a man, I think.

Thursday - Work on something without borders!  I have been stitching pairs of HSTs for Happy Surprise as leaders/enders for a couple of weeks.  I finally had enough done that I could make a few sample blocks.  

Which was a good thing because I discovered I had stitched a whole stack with the angle going in the wrong direction.  And, no, turning them upside down doesn't make it any better!  I got well acquainted with the seam ripper.  I have been pinning strips of HSTs together every afternoon while dinner preparation is going on in the kitchen.   This could be a long time in the making ... just sayin'

Friday - the Real Blessing.  Earlier Thursday morning I had some banking business to attend to which involved a 100-mile drive each way on I-40.  Why do I mention this?  Because on Friday morning, as I was turning into a church friend's driveway, I hit a stone curb and blew a tire!  Can you imagine if it had happened at 70 MPH on the interstate??

I already had an afternoon appointment to get my 40K service done and was going to discuss replacing tires at that time.  A quick call to AAA and a service man was on his way.  He put on the donut spare and after the church committee meeting, I was on my way to the tire store instead of the Toyota dealer!

I will be finishing up a few things this week and cleaning up my messes in the sewing room.  I need to clear off that work table so that my measuring and pinning of borders will be more accurate!


  1. Wow!! What a week, Libby! So glad you were spared a blowout at highway speeds.

  2. I have the same thing happen when it comes to borders! Ugh! But Starry Night is so beautiful that those borders will be worth it. Glad the tire issue happened when you were off the highway!

  3. so glad you were not on the interstate when that happened! that can be scary. All your quilting is so pretty

  4. The ups and downs of life and quilting. We keep moving forward and usually end up with beautiful finishes. I need to dig out my mystery blocks and play with those now. I love your layout! So glad you weren't injured when your tire blew.


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