Saturday, June 20, 2020

Retreat Wrap-up Photos

First, a tour of Febuary Hill Retreat House.  
(One of the owners was a Frenchman named Fevrier but it was misspelled when translated.)

Original 1832 front door

Back of side "L"

Beautiful gardens

Renovated kitchen

Front parlor/library

Quilts all around (at least a hundred!)

Now to what we created in four days (and this is only a partial showing)

Ruth added borders to this pink beauty

Becky whipped this carpenter's star together in a little over one day!

And Becky added borders to Hot Mess (it's a long story)

One of many stars by Nancy

Ruth was challenged by Cactus Flower

Donna finished Frolic

WOWE quilts

WOWE is an organization that supports a local cancer center.
Since they have not been able to have group sewing sessions,
they sent some already-cut kits for us to work on.

There was a lot more going on but I didn't take progress photos.


  1. Looks like y'all had a happy busy time!

  2. Great job, everyone! About Becky's color choices? No surprise, there. LOL!!
    Don't worry, Becky. I don't blame you one bit. LOVE it!!!

    1. In case anyone is wondering, Becky loves teal!

  3. What a beautiful setting. It must be hard to purposely type 'Febuary." hot Mess is intriguing. I think I've figured out Nancy's star block. And Cactus Flower caught my eye.

  4. ........and now that I've read back to the previous posts: you were busy!


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