Tuesday, January 9, 2024

If It's January, It Must Be Rock Island

So glad that the stars aligned and I am able to attend one of my favorite retreats at a nearby state park.  Four in our cabin and three more in the cabin next door.  I already have accomplished much, but before I get into that, I want to answer a question from a no-reply blogger in my last post. 

Ozark Cajun asked about my project boxes and where to get them.  They are Protect-n-Store boxes that I found in the scrapbooking section of JoAnn.  I like them because they are a full 12-inches square and I can store large blocks flat in them.  (Not to mention they are about half the price of Art Bins!)   I don't know if JoAnn still carries them; last night I found them on several sites on Amazon.  

Now, on to my progress!  Soon after my arrival Sunday afternoon I put borders on a small wheelchair top.

The pattern is my own design; I call it Irish Grandmother (long story).  Since I will be teaching it at my guild in March, I decided to put together some color samples to help prospective students as I think choosing fabric is one of the hardest parts of making quilts, especially for a class.

The top shown above has two color families (blue and brown) with a constant background; the color fabric in each block is the same, but different from the other blocks.  In my samples, the black and gold demonstrates just two fabrics, one for the background and the other for the "color".  I thought that might appeal to someone making a high school graduation gift.   The blue and red sample is just three fabrics with a different color fabric in each of the two blocks.   Again, that would make a nice graduation quilt.

I also have a lap quilt with scrappy brights on a black background. Unfortunately I am away from the computer that has that photo on it.

Monday I assembled Square Dance, an old Rainbow Scrap Challenge Quilt (circa 2020).

I cut the borders for it from the same fabric as the side setting triangles but want to wait till I have a large table to lay it out and properly measure for them.  It will measure about 54" x 65" with the borders.

Today's challenge is going to be Strippy Stars, a Jo Morton class I took at Indiana Heritage Quilt Show in 2008.  Talk about a moldy oldy!  More on that later.


  1. I'm a big fan of quilts that have a chain running through them, so I like your design a lot. I bet your class will be a good one. Have a fun retreat!

  2. You've prepared well for teaching Irish Grandmother. Choosing fabric used to be really scary, but as I've made more quilts, it has gotten easier. Enjoy the rest of your retreat, hope you make lots of progress.

  3. I like both designs, Libby. When you wrote Rock Island of course I thought you were coming to Illinois.

  4. Thank you, Libby. I thought I had turned comments on, but I must have been mistaken. Thanks again for the info.

  5. I love the Irish Chain paired with the churn dash (what I call it).
    Funny story: I started reading your post this morning, got distracted by reading about your storage boxes (I have the same kind and wanted to see if I could find more on sale), got further distracted by my son messaging me about our oldest grandson talking about a future proposal to his girlfriend (YAY!), had to make a trip into town, got back to the laptop and was searching for Irish Chain patterns, and your post popped up in the search results! Full circle, and I forgot to comment this morning, so here I am back again. LOL!

  6. You are having a very successful retreat! I love your Irish Grandmother blocks. It makes such a nice design.


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