Friday, January 19, 2024

Just Call Me Wishy-Washy

Tuesday rolled around, the day for choosing a center block for the Stay at Home Round Robin 2024. I was stumped.  

You see, I had participated in SaHRR at couple of years ago, using a block I had made after a quilt show where various vendors offered a kit for a block all using fabrics from a particular line.  I was pleased with how that exercise worked out.

I looked in my Orphan Block bin and found three more blocks from that show and my first thought was to use one of them so that I would have a companion piece -- or even the starting point for a whole quilt.  

BUT, I also found an interesting basket block ...

... as well as a collection of big blocks left over from the Women of the Bible quilt I made in 2022.

I was able to pull together leftover fabric from the Bible quilt and was leaning strongly to starting with this ugly dark block that hadn't worked with the other light blocks in that quilt.

Decisions, decisions.   I think I will wait for the first round prompt and see which starting block offers the best possibility.


  1. Making that first decision is often the most difficult one to make.

  2. It is hard to make the first decision. Looking forward to seeing what you decide to start with.

  3. I would tend to select your "ugly" block (which I actually like) and see what can be done with it. :D

  4. I know! Choosing the ideal starting block has me stumped.


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