Tuesday, January 16, 2024

Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2024

First, a SNOW update -- looks like we got around 5 inches total accumulation.  It's cloudy and currently only 7 degrees.  It is supposed to get down to -2 overnight.  My Wednesday meeting was also cancelled so I'm hoping to make a lot of headway in the studio.  Stay tuned!

As previously reported, my plan for 2024 is to wrap up the FIVE unfinished RSC projects by working on one each week with the month's chosen color.  I managed to assemble Square Dance last week at retreat and will put the borders on it next month when it falls into the rotation.

This week's project is Antique Tiles.  Apparently I never even cut the first piece on that project, so it took me a while to figure out an approach.  The first thing I did was ditch the chosen beige background fabric as too boring and too precious to "waste" on a RSC project.  Instead, I chose a smaller piece with multi-color birds but I first had to see if I had enough of it to make a reasonable number of blocks.  👍

I chose the greens and put together a test block.

Oh, that was fun!  Let's try another ...

... and another ...

This could be a finished project by the end of today!


  1. time to sew and read and stay warm - we had less snow but just as cold

  2. That's a lot of snow! Definitely a good day to stay in and stich. Looks like you got a really good start on the RSC projects.

  3. We woke up to -14 this morning! That is super cold, even for here. I love your rainbow birds - so perfect for an RSC quilt. Your blocks are looking good!

  4. The strong horizontal in Square Dance is terrific! Yes, the RSC units are easier to make than to use up. (I speak from experience.) It's cold everywhere. As I write the sun is bright, the sky is cloudless -- and I'm glad I can be inside.

  5. LOL!! It looks like you are SEW fond of your new RSC block, Lib. Congrats on getting your Square Dance quilt top together, too!

  6. Your Square Dance quilt looks great, and I LOVE your Antique Tiles. I think I'm going to have to copy you, Libby! :)


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