Monday, April 11, 2016

Brentwood Beauties

Some Actual Stitching!

AND it's orange!

Brentwood Beauty
The block is known in some circles as Buckeye Beauty, but as I live in Brentwood ....

I need to make a 12" block for a friend who is making a charity quilt with donated blocks. This is the pattern I chose to make -- simple and easy -- but somehow my confidence in what size pieces I need to cut was shakey so I decided to run up a sample with my orange scraps.

Funny thing -- last night, after making all the units and a sample block, I turned the page over and there were the cutting instructions! DUH

My plan for the week is to finish organizing the scraps, then move the laptop and all the "office stuff" back upstairs so that I can make better use of that wall space in the studio. I would like to put some storage units there, but we'll have to relocate the wifi booster. You can imagine with all the lights, machines, and iron required for sewing I pretty much have all available plugs occupied. (Apparently the previous owners who finished off the basement didn't anticipate my needs.) So that may end up being a larger design wall, instead. Oh, darn ....

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  1. Sounds like a win-win situation to me. Those Halloween colors set your Brentwood Beauty off.

  2. Great block! That orange really pops with the other fabrics. How rude that the previous owners of your house didn't anticipate your needs in the basement. :D

  3. Good luck with the rest of your reorganisation: storage area vs larger design wall - it's a tough call!

  4. I LOVE this block. Those colors would go so well in my house. ;)

  5. I'm calling mine Buckeye Beauties, even though I live in NY state. I think Empire Beauties is an apple...

  6. Glad you got some stitching in. Sounds like your re-org is going really well.


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