Sunday, April 24, 2016

Stash Status


I swore it wouldn't happen, that I wouldn't be tempted, that there is no fabric in the world precious enough for me to bring home from Paducah.


Japanese FQs
BUT, at least I shopped with a purpose, limiting myself to Japanese/Taupe-like fabrics to complete my Geese on the Move (a/k/a Geese Migration designed by Cynthia Brunz).

Geese on the Move
Though I'm not really counting this year, in the spirit of full disclosure I must admit I acquired about 25 yards of new fabric which includes almost 3 yards of a wide back for my gray/yellow Exploding Pineapple and 5 yards of gorgeous Sumi-e' by Frond Design Studios for a special new project (more on that later).

I ordered a Featherweight insert for my Sew-Ezi table and came home with 5 spools of thread and the booklet, Quilter's Precut Companion by C&T Publishing with input from Jenny Doan/Missouri Star Company. This is a Must-Have in my book!

While I missed connections with Kevin the Quilter and Charlene (Geema), I was able to meet Jan Ochterbeck, The Colorful Fabriholic. What a delight!

AQS-Paducah is history. It's Sunday. Hop over to Patchwork Times to see how others are managing their stashes.


  1. Anything that moves forward that gorgeous geese quilt is a must-have! Looks like you've got some strictly-necessary loot there, so it totally shouldn't count.
    That little book looks handy. It's nice to find a lot of basic info all in one spot - saves ransacking the bookshelf when you're trying to calculate for a project!

  2. I am happy you bought fabric! I cannot wait to see more geese blocks.

  3. I didn't really hold out hope that you might go to Paducah and buy NO fabric!! Sounds like you made wise purchases, though. Enjoy!

  4. How could you not buy fabric at Hancock's of Paducah! I was overwhelmed and DGD#2 was not helping. Every time we saw a Halloween print she would pull it out to show me. But I stuck to my shopping list somewhat. Navy blue and text fabrics! I wish we could have linked up.

  5. Those taupes are so perfect for your neutral Geese on the Move quilt. It's so hard to find neutrals that graduate in value and have the right cast at the same time. Looks like you scored some good ones!
    It was so fun to meet up with you. Thanks for the shout-out!

  6. Oh... I can't wait to see the new blocks that will come from your new Japanese fabrics. Your Geese on the Move blocks are some of my favorites. Glad you had a nice time at Paducah.

  7. You found some great fabrics. It always amazes me how easy it is to come home with double digit yardage, and how hard it is to move that much!

  8. Buying with purpose is different from just buying because. I think you get a pass on this.


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