Friday, April 15, 2016

Friday Finish

Modern Mini

The modern quilt guilds in Tennessee have organized a "Thoroughly Modern Mini" quilt exchange amongst the four guilds.

Always up for a challenge, I opted in -- then panic immediately set in! I had an idea I wanted to try for a larger quilt and thought maybe trying it in a mini would be a better idea. Then a friend designed a block that I thought would work .... then I saw another block design on another blog ...

Tempest fugit, as they say, and the deadline was approaching.  What to do -- what to do?

The only clues I had were that my exchange partner likes jewel tones, especially eggplant, lime, orange, and aqua.

This is what I settled on.

I'm still not happy with the lack of contrast in the upper left corner. My first background was much lighter and looked wimpy. The only darker gray I could find not only did not contrast well with the dark eggplant, but was just dead when I tried it. So I went with what I had on hand. I'm hoping I can bring some emphasis to the lighter star with the quilting.

At least I have the flimsy ready to show at the guild meeting tomorrow.


  1. You ought to get extra points just for piecing that star! Tricky one, that!

  2. I love the sparkle in the little star. That really brings my eye to that area and helps it to stand out. You asked where I had seen this block recently and I think it was on Pinterest.

  3. The contrast really isn't bad, I think it turned out beautifully.


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