Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The Grand March

The Big Reorganization Project
Days 7 and 8

Have you ever done the Grand March? The couple in front of you has to step ahead so that you and your partner can take their place. One couple turns to the right; the next turns to the left.

That's how the BRP has gone the last two days. Move one thing so you can put another in its place.

Having stepped away from the BRP last week to meet some deadlines and enjoy some social occasions -- including my 71st birthday -- I dove into the storage room reorganization Monday with gay abandon.

By that, I mean I gaily abandoned a bin of dress fabric, piles of mouse-chewed batting, a stack of fleece cut into scarf widths, a few toys, and other miscellaneous items that were taking up space on the shelves on my side of the storage room. Goodwill, here I come!

I realized that there was valuable real estate in that storage room where I could safely store bins of my least-used fabrics and projects, but I needed to clear some things out and compact what was left.

Compacted corner includes files and scrapbooking
I filled two bins with batiks to make room for my scrap strip baskets over the cutting table and added another shelf on that wall to keep the scrap baskets separated.

Recently-cut scrap strips
I moved the batting remnants from that top shelf to the top shelf in the storage room. The batting has been replaced with stacks of reproduction fabrics.

Repro fabrics replace batting on the top shelf
I'm not doing much with reproduction fabrics these days, but I wanted them to be visible in case I need the color for a particular project.

This is what MY side of the storage room looks like now:

Libby's side
This is what the Main Man's side looks like:

Alex's side
How come he got more space? We have exposed water and sanitary piping in the ceiling so I have been careful to put MY things in plastic storage bins.

Two days have not been enough to get it all done. Since I leave for Paducah tomorrow, I am leaving this mess behind:

Left end of work table
Right end of work table
Sewing table
Now do you understand why I've been sewing in the dining room?

As I said, I'll be heading to Paducah after doing the grocery shopping in the morning. I'm looking forward to connecting with a few blogging friends while I'm there. I should have internet access and be able to post updates.  If you are going to be there through Friday, send me an email with your phone so we can connect (hopefully).


  1. Happy Birthday, Libby! Have a wonderful time in Paduca. Safe travels.

  2. Happy birthday from me, too! Enjoy your trip!
    (What's he got all rolled up on his side - pirate treasure maps? Plans for a moon base? Tell me it's something fun...)

  3. Happy Birthday Libby!!! Great job on your reorganization - I did that not long ago and it is a big job, but well worth it. I'll be in Paducah tomorrow too - I bet we'll see each other there!

  4. Happy Birthday, Libby. See you in Paducah on Thursday.

  5. Jealous!! I haven't been to Paducah in 2o years. Have FUN!!!

  6. Happy Birthday. Enjoy Paducah, you've definitely got room for a few acquistions now.

  7. Happy birthday a week late. You'll have a "prime" year!


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