Friday, April 29, 2016

Friday Un-Finish

OMG Update

My One Monthly Goal (OMG) for April has been to clean up the quilting mess that has taken over the house. It had gotten so bad that I was embarrassed to post a "before" photo.

This is the view I get today as I enter my "studio" in the basement.

Still looks pretty bad until you step further into the room. I have wrangled 100+ gallons of scraps into squares, triangles, and strips -- 1-1/2", 2', and 2-1/2" -- that are separated into bins.

Strip bins
 The stash fabric has all been folded and sorted into color groups.

Left end
Right end
These pictures were taken a few days earlier; I have filled the gaps since then.

The work table has been cleared to the point that I can press larger pieces of fabric.

Work table
The storage room contents have been condensed and reorganized.

The large chunks (smaller than a FQ) of scrap fabrics have found a new home in bigger bins.

Scrap chunks
And the fat quarters will find a new home in some Art Bin Super Satchels.

Fat Quarter Storage
Yet, another month passes with my OMG goal not quite met. Honestly, this was not the best month to pick this goal as I lost the better part of two weeks to travel and social obligations. I feel good about what I did accomplish and will continue the process until I can again work at my sewing table and can clear off the dining room table.

There's a machine in there somewhere!
Thanks to Heidi at Red Letter Quilts for hosting the One Monthly Goal (OMG). Participating has really helped me stay focused.


  1. That is an amazing amount of cutting, refolding and organizing you have done so far. Are you going to continue on this idea or perhaps sew some project? Great progress.

  2. Wow! What a lot of work you've put into this project!
    And you end up with room to work, you say? Huh.
    //note to self: buy more bins...

  3. No wonder your quilts are so great! With that much organization, wow, I am impressed.

  4. You have such a wonderful sewing space. Love all your stacks of beautiful fabrics. I get side-tracked so easily that I make more messes While trying to clean up. congrats on everything you have accomplished.

  5. You made lots really good progress on your de-cluttering project even if you didn't quite get it all done.

  6. You may not have finished the job but it looks like you've made a lot of progress. Your tidy bits look great, so hopefully it won't take too long to tackle the last piles, and then you'll be able to sew in a beautiful clear space.

  7. Oh, those lovely shelves, I am drooling!!
    I spent a lot of time this month sorting scraps too, separating various sized squares and triangles and such. Soo time consuming, but so worth it since they will actually get used this way lol!
    Looks great, bet you can't wait to finish up!

  8. Congrats on your progress! I like the natural light in your workspace.

  9. It looks great! You may not feel finished, but you have clearly put a lot of time and work in. I'm impressed! And I totally want both your space and your stash :)

  10. That's really looking good. I love your studio with all that window/door/glass sunshine!


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