Sunday, April 10, 2016

Stash Report - Week 15


And this is my first stash report. Fifteen weeks with no major purchases! (Full disclosure - I picked up a charm pack in February and 2 FQs in March)

I decided I wouldn't keep up with fabric in-and-outs this year. But I have made a conscious effort to not purchase anything -- until yesterday.

4 yards in
If you've been following the Purple Project Saga, you know that I was looking for a butter yellow solid for the side setting triangles.

I circled the county on Saturday, stopping first at my favorite LQS, The Quilting Squares in Franklin, TN. They don't have a LOT of fabric, but they do have a wonderful cross-section from modern to repros and their stock turns quickly. They also have a line of original patterns published as The Franklin Quilt Company (hope I got that right, going from memory) and some original tools like their binding ruler.

Anyhoo, they didn't have the shade of yellow I was looking for so I bought a yellowish Grunge (second from top) as an acceptable backup piece. I can never have two much Grunge. I even bought a couple of yards of the white variety to replace some in a project that I had raided last year. I also needed a neutral background to go with an eggplant/lime/orange combo I'll be using in my mini exchange. I think the sweet gray crosshatch on top of the stack will serve me well.

Then it was on to Hobby Lobby. Although their off-brand solids had the right color, I wasn't happy with the quality of the fabric so passed on that opportunity. Nothing in their Konas to meet my needs.

On to Jo-Ann where I found something close to the Kona I was trying to match and the quality isn't half-bad (for a change). At $5/yd I figured I couldn't go wrong so came home with 1-1/2 yards.

It feels good to have held off adding anything significant for this long. Of course, Paducah is coming up later this month!

Speaking of Paducah, I will be there Thursday and most of Friday so if you are in the area, let me know and we can share some BSA strawberries or something stronger.

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  1. Looks like I am will be trying to get there Thursday or Friday. I'll bring you some butter yellow solid.

  2. Basics are things you have to add here and there. Sounds like you found some great additions for your stash.

  3. I don't think those background neutrals actually count as stash, anyway...


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