Saturday, April 9, 2016

Spring Cleaning - Days 5 and 6

...And Counting

You may be thinking, like some who have commented, that I need to take a break and do something "fun" for a change. Bear in mind that in the first four days I also did 6 (or was it 7?) loads of laundry, prepared 4 dinners, and did the weekly grocery shopping. So, doing something, ANYTHING, with fabric is fun by comparison!

While it has been challenging going through the mound of scraps, pressing, trimming, and organizing them, I am SO looking forward to the end result that I am still enthusiastic about this project.

From the Parts Department
 Thursday morning I took a look at the "Parts Department." I analyzed what was already there -- a set of blocks, a collection of stripsets, a germ of an idea -- then made notes about what existed, what direction to take, and what might go with it.

These are all bagged and stored in a shoe box waiting to be grabbed when I have a free moment or on the serendipitous occasion when something matches the Rainbow Scrap Challenge color of the month.

Thursday afternoon I attacked the second 70-gallon tub of scraps. Hey, I told y'all this was getting out of hand, so chill, OK?

Bin o' Scraps - 2
Thankfully, this tub contains mostly strips and strings. Just a little press and put in piles of large, medium, small, and strings. But it quickly became obvious that the little bins I have been putting the strips in will not hold the volume I have generated.

So Friday, after serving lunch to some of the homeless at Nashville's Room in the Inn, I made a trip to The Container Store. Oh, My! I can go crazy in that store! I was hoping that was where I had gotten the plastic bins I've been using because they are the perfect size to hold a WOF strip folded twice. They had everything else but. I was also looking for other organizing ideas and came home with a couple of these.

"Bricks" from The Container Store
They are a little pricey so I want to see how many will fit on my shelves. My hope is that I will be more inclined to keep my workspace neat if it is attractive.  (Ask me next month how well that's going!)

Orange - RSC16
I managed to spend a bit of time with my little pile of orange, hoping to pull together a few blocks for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge this month. Reporting in with Angela at soscrappy for Scraphappy Saturday.


  1. I am VERY glad Memphis does not have a Container Store . . . I know I would lose it if I went there without a bodyguard.

  2. I love containers and keep eyeing them, but luckily I decide that I'd rather spend the money on fabric...
    Good luck with that sorting project! I've got a box of scraps at home that I should probably tackle when I get back. I'll try to be inspired by your good example!

  3. You have some terrific orange scraps to work with. Looking forward to seeing how you use them!

  4. Sorting scraps is a GREAT way to gather inspiration for new quilts. Keep up the good work!!

  5. orderly scraps... heh heh they don't usually allow order around here.

  6. I love containers too and find stash uses for lots of household things like from cottage cheese, mushroom boxes (a lovely royal blue), shoe boxes, food storage things. And for a portable design board I turn over a stretched canvas with the edges to keep things in place. It is an acrylic painting done by my granddaughter.

  7. Good luck with your organizing and sorting project. We all have to do that at one time or another!

  8. Good luck with that neat and attractive thing!

  9. I let my scraps overwhelm me ONE time and learned my lesson. Now I make sure I keep them under control and organized. Good luck with the sorting! Looks like you have lots of goodies in that big bin!

  10. You've been very viligent with your April OMG goal. Looking forward to seeing what you've got whipped up for RSC this month.


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