Saturday, April 23, 2016

Friday Finish


I think I've gone to my last Paducah AQS Show. I won't say "never" because I said that the last two years and changed my mind at the last minute.

It's gotten so big and crowded that I don't enjoy it anymore. I know there are ways to avoid the crowds and parking juggernaut; I'm just not inclined to try.

Maybe the Fall show will be less crowded -- at least for a while. Yep, they're going to have a second show in September 2017, replacing the Chattanooga show. So if you're in the SE, this is the last year for Chattanooga. Such a shame because that venue is so nice.

Frankly, I think there are too many big shows these days. I enjoy the smaller shows and like to go to new places so if you have any suggestions for quality shows, let me know.

Otherwise, I'm finished!

Thanks for letting me rant.


  1. It's no fun if you can't get where you are going and can't enjoy the time there. Hopefully you found some cool stuff to do anyway.

  2. I've never been to Paducah (well, I've been to the city but not during the show). Nor have I been to Houston (the show). Fortunately IQS comes to Chicago every year. The Madison show -- sponsored by Wisconsin PBS and Nancy Zieman -- is getting bigger but is still considered regional.


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