Saturday, March 10, 2018

Ankle Update

I've graduated!

... to a boot.

Yesterday the orthopaedic specialist confirmed that one of my ankle bones is broken.  He think it will heal in a boot, no surgery required!  

I can remove the boot to bathe, but I have to sleep with the dang thing on for the first two weeks.  All I can say is it's a pain in the ... leg.

Driving is currently out of the question.  At least I can drive a sewing machine with my left foot!  I did keep a machine here at house 1, but I'm not sure I have any projects here to work on.  It could be six weeks of binding.

Update:  Apparently I thought ahead and brought my Magical Mystery blocks home with me!


  1. Hooray for a "gentle" break. Can you retrieve a stack of fabric from house #2 and make units mindlessly -- nine-patches or something?

  2. I guess some online shopping might be necessary! As you know there are some cute kits out there. Glad the break will heal without surgery.

  3. Sorry for your problem...feel better soon

  4. Kind of reminds me of ME that first year at Mountain Quilt Camp!! Take it easy, Lib. That walking boot is a hazard to your back!

  5. Do you need a project care package?
    Glad the break wasn't as bad as we all feared! Heal fast!

  6. Just now catching up with blogs - so sorry for your ankle break but I'm glad it'll heal without surgery. There's never a good time for such an accident, but especially in the middle of moving houses. I hope you have enough projects/stash/equipment still at house 1 to keep you busy for awhile. Wishing you a speedy and full recovery!

  7. Oh I just read this post... sorry for the boot...hope it heals fast!!! You are the 2nd person this week I've seen in a boot...another friend "rolled" her ankle shoveling snow...walked on it for a month before admitting something was wrong... and why is it that if you can't drive you desperately want to go some where...but when you can drive and have to go out you just want to stay home... human nature is to be contrary...hope you find stuff to keep you occupied...hugs

  8. Here's hoping for a speedy recovery! I was in a boot like that for my foot so I know exactly what you're going through. Sleeping was so uncomfortable. I finally kicked my husband into our guest room so I had enough pillows around my leg to make a few positions comfortable.


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