Monday, March 19, 2018

View from my perch

No, that's not a typo ...

With this 100-pound boot (OK, so I exaggerate but it FEELS like 100 lbs!), I have to spend a lot of time resting with the foot elevated.  So as I perch in the family room at the lake, listening to sounds of Mr. Hillside moving more furniture into my sewing room in the basement (give me patience, Lord), this is what I see:

Oh, wait, what's that rug my Stonewall State Park Resort (it's in WV) mug is sitting on?

How could I have failed to share this gift with everyone?  Let me digress for a minute and take you back to October of last year.  I was at Mountain Quilt Camp along with The Joyful Quilter and I was working on a guild paint chip challenge.  I don't remember the exact color names, but they were basically pink and green.  I was experimenting with shadowing.

Well, Joyful fell in love with it, not sure whether it was the colors, the fabric, or my expert quilting😉.  So we agreed to a swap.  And this is what I received in return:

In my all-time favorite color, tee-ninecy HSTs!  Thank you, Joyful!!


  1. Lovely! I like to make mug rugs....funny, because I never got bitten by the quilted postcard bug.

  2. What's not to love?! SEW glad to see that the mug rug I made is helping ease your recovery. Feel better, my friend. Hobbling in The Boot is NO FUN!!

  3. A very fun exchange, both of those mug rugs are really cute. Sorry the boot has been such a pain. Hopefully you'll get it off in record time and be back to putting pedal to the metal on the sewing machine.

  4. Both mats are fun! Be patient with the recovery :)

  5. Both little rugs are adorable!
    Heal fast, but don't rush it. These things take time. (My stepmom is still at the rehab place after smashing her knee. Seven weeks and still not allowed to put weight on it. We're hoping she'll be able to come home by April, but it takes as long as it takes...)


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