Friday, March 30, 2018

Magical Mystery Bonus Block

One last opportunity

I was so blown away by some of the options y'all came up with that I almost forgot I had promised a bonus block!

This block comes to you by way of Miss Rosie's Quilt Company.  The pattern is True Blue.

Can you see the similarities?  In this case there is just one block that is rotated to create the secondary pattern.  Like our mystery, you can start with two fat quarters and use the same cutting diagram.

Make the large triangle squares (Clue 3) and the small triangle squares (Clue 4) only and assemble like a 9-patch.

As in our Magical Mystery, be sure to pay close attention to the orientation of your triangle squares.


  1. I love this layout, Libby! Now I can't decide which one to use. It will be fun playing around with the blocks.

  2. Thanks for sharing the bonus block and this mystery!!

  3. That block would make a very fun scrap quilt.


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