Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Wildlife Wednesday

Life at the Lake

Wood Ducks crossing the lake in a headwind
I wish I could capture a picture of the bird that sits on our chimney and welcomes each morning.  I think it's a robin, but since it remains out of sight, I caught these wood ducks forging across the lake into a headwind this morning.  They took turns in the lead to give the other a break.

And since some of you asked, there has been some progress in the sewing room.

The layout table awaits the work surface -- it's here somewhere, I have been assured ...

Project boxes
Don't be fooled by the apparent organization, though ...

Cutting table
The cutting table awaits its shelf on the "church" table and the top that leans against its side.  And then there are the boxes waiting to discharge their contents ...


  1. Packing up, then unpacking is a long process. Hope you get a chance to make more progress this weekend.

  2. What a wonderful big space! The black and white tile floor is great. (Makes me think of Yvonne Porcella, whose work I've admired for many years.)

  3. Oh, mercy!! What a task you have in front of you!!


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