Monday, March 12, 2018

Mystery Monday Linkup #2

Magical Mystery Blocks

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It has been fun following everyone's progress.  I promised that each clue would take less than one-half hour.  Ramona said last week it took longer for her iron to heat up than to make her units.  Gayle said it took her longer to get to the studio!  I know some of you are going above and beyond the 4 blocks in the mystery and that's great!  But my purpose is more to inspire you to think about the opportunities rather than saddle you with yet another UFO.

I'm working along with you; I have two quilts in progress.  I want to show some units from the second quilt that are an example of poor value choice.

Clue 3 - Large HSTs
I was using a collection of fat quarters from a single line.  All the fabrics are more medium than light and dark so I designated the blue would be dark and the tan light.  Granted, some of the other pairs have a much darker blue and a lighter tan.  However, the design motifs are very busy so there is little distinction in these pieces.  I hope there is a lesson here...

I also hope I can find an arrangement in the final quilt that can make good use of this lack of contrast.

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  1. Value contrast can be so tricky with busy prints. I'm looking forward to seeing your finished blocks and final layout. I'm afraid some of my blocks don't have enough contrast. Here's the link to my post about them:

  2. I just blogged about my clue 3! Oh what fun!

  3. I'm a bit late today, but my blocks are finished! Thanks, again, Libby!

  4. Released a special post for the Link-Up:

  5. I just got my post up as well!

  6. The first one isn't so bad as the colors are very distinct, but the second one is pretty low on contrast. But that's not always a bad thing. Hope your ankle is doing well and you've found a few projects to work on in your "down" time.


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