Monday, March 19, 2018

Mystery Monday Linkup #3

Magical Mystery Blocks

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We're getting near the finish line with this little mystery.  I hope you all are enjoying it as much as I am seeing where you are going with this.  So let's see your progress thus far.

We have two new participants:  Julie in Georgia and my friend Sharon B.  Sharon doesn't have a blog so I will share any pictures she sends me.  Be sure to visit the other links below and offer your encouragement.

Sharon B anonymous
Marlene at Covered in Stitches
Ramona at Doodlebugs and Rosebuds Quilts
Julie at Julie's Quilts and Costumes
Diann at Little Penguin Quilts
Gayle at mangofeet
Cathy at Sane, Crazy, Crumby Quilting
Jeanne at Spiral
Jan at The Colorful Fabriholic
Joy at The Joyful Quilter
Nann at With Strings Attached

PS:  We're back up on the Plateau for a few days and guess what DH forgot to pack -- my tote with ALL the mystery bits and pieces!  I may have to scramble to get the last clue ready by Friday.


  1. I'm getting excited to see the finished block! I hope you are healing quickly and not in much pain.

  2. Hi Libby,
    I am late to the party and would like to join along with the other ladies that quilt here in our senior complex in New Jersey. Many do not have email and we range in age and experience (even some newbies) and I thought this would be a great way for us to bond and teach others while we make a quilt for one of the charities that the complex donates to.
    Question, Can I tell everyone to bring two fat quarters; one light and one dark to start making this quilt? Or should it be one light and one dark in the same color for everyone?

    1. Of course, Doreen! I sent you a long response, please let me know if you got it.

  3. Better late than never, right? Right? (Finally got my clue done!)


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