Wednesday, May 20, 2020

A Happy Surprise

and a few other surprises

While I'm sewing curves on the Glorified 9-Patch (NOT!), I'll break away to give you a look at  a couple of the Hs in my UFO boxes.

First up is Happy Surprise, designed by Jo and Kelli Kramer/Jo's Country Junction in 2018 (I think).  I was immediately intrigued by how it goes together, so I did a rough sketch and made a plan.  I started with a jelly roll of Grunge.

I made a few HSTs and even made my version of a test block.  (I have no idea if it bears any resemblance to the pattern!)

I lacked the confidence to continue, though, because I hadn't bought the AP&Q magazine it appeared in.  Well, happy surprise, Jo recently reprised the project on her blog and I was able to snag a photo of the project (which I can't show without permission).  So I pulled out the box and it appears I have made well over 300 HSTs!

Rather than make the number required in the pattern, I'm just going to use what I have and hopefully it will be enough for a nice lap quilt.  Stitching HSTs together will be my leader/ender project for the foreseeable future.

An Unhappy Surprise -- What wasn't in that stack of boxes above reappeared in a burst of cleaning up yesterday -- Hopkins Square from Judy Hopkin's 501 Rotary-Cut Quilt Blocks.  This is the block I used in my Magical Mystery last year.  My mystery has you make four blocks from a pair of fat quarters.  Well, this muddy version is a prime example of what NOT to use!

I hate to throw all that effort away.  I think I will use each set of 4 blocks as the center of a baby quilt.  I will survey my stash options to see if I have something that will not only liven up these blocks, but will give a dash of youthfulness.

Another happy surprise - I have all my boxes back in alphabetical order so it should be a lot easier for me to continue working through the alphabet.

Another unhappy surprise - my work table is missing!

There's a table under there somewhere!
And I'll close with another Happy Surprise - the Knockout roses that I thought were lost last year are blooming big time!

Knockout Rose (I don't remember the variety)


  1. those are all projects started in those stacked up alphabetical order? Wow

  2. You've been on quite the roller coaster in your sewing room today, Libby!! Best of luck on whichever project you decide to tackle next.

  3. That is a pretty sight of all of the boxes stacked in alphabetical order. I guess what keeps me from doing the alphabetical thing is that most of my projects really don't have names.

  4. How nice to open a box and find so many finished parts. Where did you get your boxes? I like that they are clear. You are sure on a roll!!

    1. Boxes are in the scrapbooking aisle at JoAnn. At 12x12, they just fit the Itso cubbies that I got at Target (unfortunately no longer available). Most cubbies are only 11".

  5. No shortage of enticing projects to work on! I like your idea to repurpose the mystery blocks that didn't work. And I love your storage system!!!

  6. Enjoying these posts very much, Libby. I'm liking all these projects and find your take on them very interesting reading. Love the alphabetical storage idea.

  7. I bet you could find some fun border fabric to add to your magical mystery blocks so that they could become quilts for kids! I love the project with the HSTs from Jo's Country Junction. Glad you were able to find the pattern!

  8. Thanks for showing the storage trays in their cabinets -- gives me an idea of how you arrange things.....Nice to pull out a UFO and find out that it's farther along than you thought.....I won a Knockout Rose at the garden club's garden tour last year. I don't know if it will come back this year or not....


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