Monday, March 14, 2022

Around the House and in the Kitchen

After temps near 60 on Friday, we woke Saturday morning to this:

The cardinals were patiently waiting their turn at the feeder, taking advantage of a free handout ...

It's a good thing I thought to bring in a small harvest of my daffodils, 

because we had about 3" of heavy, wet snow that destroyed them ...

... but once the sun came out, the dark/warm surfaces melted pretty quickly and we were able to make it to church Sunday.

Anticipating the weekend weather, we shopped big on Wednesday so we wouldn't have to shop on Saturday.  Even with a full larder and freezer, I felt it more important to clear out leftovers from the fridge.  So Saturday I threw together a stew of leftover pork masala and turkey loaf, tiny Yukon potatoes and the remnants of a bag of frozen peas.

Sunday I did much the same, this time using up leftover chicken primavera, augmented with fresh onion, mushrooms, and peppers.

While cleaning out the fridge I disposed of a jar of pizza sauce (opened in July) and a jar of carnitas sauce, both of which "buzzed" my lips when I tasted them.  I really need to do a better job of moving things out!

Monday's meal is planned and we are dining out on Tuesday!


  1. LOL - lately I have been trying to clear my refrigerator out better too. I wonder at times just how long do the jars of condiments and other things last - I will open a jar and look - no mold I guess I can use it!!

  2. Your bouquet of daffodils is beautiful, Libby! So glad you brought them in. Good job using up those leftovers, too. I was just googling what to do with a half jar of spaghetti sauce. We just used it for pizza, and I didn't want it to sit in the fridge for months (which is typical for me also)!

  3. We had only a dusting of snow but the temperature swing was something -- 20's on Saturday, 50's on Sunday! Hooray for creative combos of leftovers . . . both in the kitchen and in the sewing room.

  4. Sounds like you did pretty well at using up the left overs. I should do the grocery shopping more often, My guy never cleans out the refrigerator, I had to to get the groceries put away.

  5. Your left over meals look delicious! And that view out your window of the birds with the lake in the background is beautiful.

  6. We had flurries and frigid temps which killed the flowers on my "Tulip tree". Glad you got to enjoy those daffodils for a bit longer, Libby!


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