Sunday, March 13, 2022

Challenge Week Two

So far I have kept up with my personal challenge to make one block a day from Women of the Bible Quilt during the 40 days of Lent.  In fact, I made one extra block in case I have a particularly busy day and can't get down to the sewing room.

So here's my progress to date.

Monday - Samaritan Woman

Tuesday - Rachel

Wednesday - Jezebel

Thursday - Rebekah  

Friday - Asenath 
Saturday - Jephtah's Daughter 

After I finish each block, I choose the fabrics for the next day.  I hope I have enough of the background print; I may need drive to Knoxville next week (though postage would probably be less than the cost of gas ...) 

 As you can see, so far none of the blocks have been particularly complicated.  However, I am not crazy about the mixture of 10" and 15" blocks, so I will probably resize the two 15" blocks at some time and if the math doesn't work, I'll just replace with another block.


  1. Good job - the blocks look great. I am curious though, do you plan to identify each block with the woman in the final quilt? Print her name in the sashing under the block or have a grid roadmap as a label? I have the Bible Sampler Quilt book and have been considering these questions. Have a good day

  2. I enjoy seeing your daily blocks! Love the floral fabric in Rebekah. Did you choose a certain line for this project, or just pull from your stash?

  3. It's a fun Lenten challenge. Love the blues you are using in these blocks.


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