Saturday, March 12, 2022


 It's a good thing I was a day ahead on my Lenton Challenge because yesterday I chased a squirrel.  As with most things in my quilting life there is a backstory ...

Sometime in early 2020 I decided I wanted to make a "summer" quilt for the king-size bed in our very yellow bedroom.  I chose to make Sister's Choice blocks with alternating yellow and gray backgrounds, each one being unique.  

By October of that year I was 26 blocks shy of the 99 blocks I needed.

Except for occasionally working on a block here and there, the project has languished in the box for almost two years, taking up space and keeping usable fabric off the shelf.  Recently I realized I have totally fallen out of love with that project so I  gifted all the finished blocks to an organization that makes quilts for chemo patients.

As I was putting the unused fabrics back on the shelf yesterday I thought I could/should do something with the yellow, it being the RSC color this month.  Wait!  I had just read about Quilters Stand for Ukraine on Pat Sloan's website.  She is offering a free banner pattern (donation to Unicef suggested) in the colors of the Ukranian flag -- blue and YELLOW.

Instead of just wondering IF I could use one of the yellow fabrics, I set about planning, then cutting, then sewing ... until I had my version to hang in a front window.

Notice the blue fabric has sunflowers, the national flower of Ukraine and the background has blue and gold leaves.  I reduced the size to fit some of my scraps and when I got to the star in the center I couldn't make the math work so I substituted the SiaS. 

Yep, it was a Drop Everything and Make It kinda day.


  1. That's a pretty star, Libby! The sunflower fabric is perfect for it, too. Sometimes you really do just have to drop and everything and sew something!

  2. Well, the squirrels run rampant some days. Your substitution works well, Libby. Kudos for passing your gray and yellow blocks along for charity quilts!


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