Sunday, March 20, 2022

Challenge Week Three

 It's a good thing I got a little ahead with the Women of the Bible blocks because last week just kinda slipped away from me.  Here's the lineup for the week

Sunday - Miriam  

Sunday - Deborah  

Monday - Jael  

Tuesday - Tamar  

Thursday - Rahab  

Saturday - Hannah  

I went ahead and ordered two more yards of my background fabric and indeed, the postage was nearly equivalent to the two gallons of gas it would have taken me to go get it.  And therefore there was no temptation to shop elsewhere while I was in the area so money saved there!

Last week I also tested a couple more 3-yard quilts, trying to figure out how much additional fabric, or even IF, Devo will need to make more blocks instead of borders.  I think it is going to be a matter of what size pieces the design calls for, but I'm guessing an additional half-yard per fabric should be enough in most cases.

Next week has a doctor's appointment and a trip to Nashville on the schedule so I need to make good use of my sewing time when I'm home.


  1. Love your star for Miriam and Rahab's block! Glad you found more background fabric - I'm always running out of that!

  2. Lovely colorway for this sampler.

  3. It's amazing easy to let a week slip by. It's good you were able to catch up.


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