Thursday, March 3, 2022

Block a Day - Sarah

In the Devo and Sew group, we are working our way through Women of the Bible Quilt.  

(We were originally going to do A Bible Journey Through Quilting but we felt the 73 quilt blocks in that book were not as user-friendly.)

There are 40 primary blocks in this quilt.  Since there are 40 days in Lent, I have decided to make one block each day.  I am using a couple of collections of navy and aqua with touches of gold and cream to make my blocks.

My first block:  Sarah, Abraham's wife.

I think it will be a stretch to associate the blocks directly to the Bible story, but it will be an exercise in faith to contemplate the stories as I work on the blocks.


  1. That's a great Lenten discipline! I assiduously downloaded all the blocks for the WOTB. Then I got a new computer. I still haven't figured out how to extract files from the external hard drive. Yes, sometimes there's some stretching to get the block name to fit with a Bible passage.

  2. Oh Libby, I just love this idea of a Women of the Bible Quilt project. And in blues will be so pretty. Those cream/yellow touches will be perfect. I've always wanted to grow a garden of all the flowers mentioned in the Bible. I have quite a few these days but not all. I once wrote a small article on that subject.

  3. That sounds like a lovely quilt journey for your group to do! I really like that first block, too. I'm glad you found a pattern that is user-friendly!


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