Friday, January 10, 2014

Finally, a Friday Finish

Do you ever put off finishing a quilt?  I think it's kinda like sending your first child off to kindergarten.  If you hold on long enough, and tight enough, you won't give up the child. 

I began French Braid in a class with Jane Hardy Miller at Tennessee Quilt Fest in 2010.  I got the braids done in two days of class and an extra day of sewing.  Into the box it went.  I inserted the in-between strips at a couple of guild retreats.  Back into the box it went.  Early in 2013 I added the side borders at a guild meeting.  Back into the box.  Yesterday I finally put the top and bottom borders on.  If I didn't need it for a lecture on Monday, it would probably still be in the box!

French Braid

I'm linking up with Sarah at Confessions of a Fabric Addict.


  1. it Glad you took it out the box, finished it and shared it. Congrats

  2. Good job!!! Wow, that light blue solid looks fabulous going down the center of those warm colors. I love braids. I did one on a border of a quilt once. Enjoyed doing it and it looks so pretty.

    1. Thanks, Michal. I just felt those hot colors needed something to cool them down. It was serendipity that I found the border fabric with both the orange and the blue on my way to the class.


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