Thursday, January 2, 2014

Speaking of Dinosaurs

Teresa in Music City (A Quilt and a Prayer) brought up the subject of dinosaurs -- UFOs that have mouldered in the dark so long they are ancient. 

Folks, do I have dinosaurs out the whazoo!  In a moment of weakness I set a goal to eliminate 6 dinosaurs in 2014.  In my mind that includes passing it on, or even trashing it if it's beyond hope.  But in the end that box or bag will be empty (and available for NewFOs!). 

My first task is to decide which 6 to attack; logically I started with the oldest -- a Triple Irish Chain.  First, a little background:  I had always planned to start quilting after I retired.  As that day approached I started going to Paducah, took a few classes, started a small stash.  Then I learned there would be another grandson arriving in August 2001.  I immediately set about starting a baby quilt for him.
Time for a Chain by Possibilities

Why did I think my first quilt should be a triple Irish Chain? 

Not to mention the fabrics I chose were not exactly suitable.

I added some fabrics, did a mock up -- awful.  At some point I even started cutting.

In the end I went with Double Pinwheel by Quilt in a Day.  Irish chain has been in the box for 12 years!  I thought I had at least started sewing, but NO.  As I see it, here are my options:

  1. I can make the triple Irish chain with the fabrics, such as they are, maybe something smaller than a twin.
  2. I can make a simpler double or single Irish chain with the fabrics on hand.
  3. I can use the fabrics for something entirely different, as long as the pattern calls for 2-inch strips LOL. 
  4. I could put the uncut fabric back on the shelf and the strips in my 2-inch drawer.  That seems like cheating.
I'm leaning toward #2.  Maybe use the vehicle print for the border, and the stripes, one or both, as inner border and binding.  What do you think?  Any suggestions?


  1. Good for you Libby! I like the attitude of "one way or another, it's outta here!" I think #2 is definitely an option - you get to have your Irish Chain but in a simpler (and quicker) style :*) But if that fails and another simple pattern from 2" strips is not handy, just put it all back on your shelf and call it Done! Good luck!

    1. Thanks, Teresa. I'm taking it with me to retreat next week. I listed my top six dinosaurs in my stash report today.


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