Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Wildlife Wednesday

My poor rhododendron is saying it's not fit for man nor bush today.

Cold Rhody

Look at those pathetically curled leaves.  

This is what she looks like in May.

In a couple of weeks the Lenton Roses will be in bloom and I will know that Spring is around the corner.  Till then, keep warm and quilt on!


  1. Sadly, we can't grow Rhododendron's in our area - too hot/dry - but I remember them from childhood in the wet land to the north. My mom has some at her house. Such a pretty plant when in bloom. There are many plants I miss from the north.

    1. This plant apparently loves where it is. We've cut it back almost every year for the last five. It's shady in the back and underground water comes under the retaining wall to keep it moist.


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