Monday, January 27, 2014

Rock Island Rocks

Not much change in my design wall this week.

I finished all the string blocks for Rock Island Campfires and assembled them into 30 foursies with sashing.  After much fumbling with paper, I think I have worked out a reasonable routine for taking it off without totally destroying my blocks.  Yesterday afternoon I was able to tear paper off five blocks in one hour; it had taken me all morning to do the first five.

One row is together, another has the paper off and another is staged on the design wall while I audition cornerstone fabric.  I had planned to use a red, but it didn't sparkle enough. Thinking now about going with a lime green.  Also having second thoughts about my border (which was the inspiration for my blocks, BTW) so you may have to help me make a decision next week when the center portion is together.

Temps are frigid today and the wind is howling.  It's a good day to stay in and sew.  I want to get as much done today as possible since the remainder of this week and next I'm on call for jury duty.

That will be a new experience for me.  I have only served on one other jury and it was a complicated criminal case, but at least we weren't sequestered.  Every other time I've been called I have had a reasonable excuse -- sole provider for small children and moving out of the county.  This time I got to choose the weeks I wanted to serve so I chose early -- first, to get it over with and second, more chance of being cancelled due to bad weather. LOL

Gee, I wonder if the bailiff will let me tear off paper in the courtroom .....

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Keep warm and quilt on!


  1. Your string blocks are striking. I really like the splashes of color in with the black and white. Lovely! It's cold, cold here in Virginia, too. Good days to stay inside and sew. Good luck with jury duty!

  2. I really like the black and white with jabs of color. Have been looking for ideas to do a black and white quilt with color and this is the first one I have saw that makes me heart flutter!

    1. Thanks! Pattern was in F&P Love of Quilting mag Jul-Aug 2013. Also available on-line at ($6.95). My post tomorrow is going to cover some tips I've learned from working on this.

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