Saturday, January 18, 2014

Rock Island, Rock On!

If you are checking back here to see my progress on Dinosaur #2 - Nosegay, you will be disappointed.

It never left the box at our Rock Island retreat.  And here's why:

Diane B (a/k/a Charlie) came up with the great idea that each of us should make a quilt she saw in F&P mag this summer aptly named "Rock Island Campfires." The other four are doing totally scrappy versions, but I had to have some sense of order.  Plus I had a plethora of black and white strips left over from several other projects.

I thought I would invest a day, maybe two, in the project but, not to be outdone, I kept on working on it as long as everyone else was.  No one did anything else!  Four days devoted to RI Campfires and none of us done.  Oh, well, there's another retreat on the calendar next month and two guild meetings in between.  We had great fun working on them and in the end we will have a special quilt to use at our annual Rock Island retreat.

This was our tenth year at Rock Island State Park.  Great accommodations, lovely setting, and a very helpful staff.  We move all the furniture out of the living room, hang shop lights from the rafters, and set up our Sew-Ezi tables around the room.  (One station is to the right, out of the picture.)  We take turns preparing dinner and about the only time we leave the cabin is to walk up to the tennis courts to call home.

Rock Island 2010

If you are in (or near) Middle Tennessee, check out Rock Island.   Rock Island rocks because it's modern and clean.  Limited cell/wifi service, but cable TV with DVD player.  Five beds, two baths -- what's not to love?

Twin Falls
And the history and natural setting are the cherry on the top.

PS:  Almost all TN state park cabins are half price mid-week from mid-November to the end of February. Check them out!

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