Sunday, January 26, 2014

Run Over by the Wagon

Last week I fell off the wagon.  This Friday the wagon just plain ran over me!!

Marcus Fabrics 108"
In this Week: 22.5 yds
In year to Date:  42.5 yds
Out this Week: 0 yards
Out Year to Date: 18.5 yards
Net Used for 2014: -24 yards

Up till now I have been deleting fabric shop emails without even reading them. That is, until I got a peek at Whittle's 108" back fabric for $10/yd.  Without a moment's hesitation I bought 9 yards BUT I have plans for it.  Cathedral Stars and Celtic Solstice, specifically.

The trouble is, if I'm honest, 1 yard at 108" is equivalent to 2.5 yds at 42".  Which makes my 9 yards equal to 22.5 yards.  Oh, well, I have eleven more months to even out.

RIC - Let the ripping begin!
Yesterday our guild had their monthly sit 'n' sew.  I used that opportunity to lay out my Rock Island Campfires blocks.  Now to tear off all that paper :-(.  My plan is to work a row at a time, give each block a good dose of Best Press, trim as necessary, and add sashing before the bias edges get too wonky.

Linking up with others reporting their stash status at Patchwork Times.

Keep warm and quilt on.


  1. Whittles has some fantastic prices! Lucky me that I can visit the store, only 50 miles away. I really like how your RIC blocks, looking forward to seeing the rows.

    1. Yes, but their $5 shipping is less than what I would spend on gas and I would have been tempted to get so much more! Where do you live in TN, Dee Dee? I'm in Brentwood, south of Nashville. I'll be at Whittles early morning Feb 17, on my way to a retreat in KY.

  2. Love those backing fabrics. And your blocks are beautiful. I'm sure you'll use up that fabric in no time!

    1. I couldn't resist, especially the blue piece -- got 6 yards of that. I know it will go on the back of Cathedral Stars; not sure exactly where the tan piece will go.


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