Sunday, January 5, 2014

Stash Report - First for 2014

Happy to report I'm starting 2014 in the OUT column.  I used 2-1/2 yds to make the back for Cady Gray's quilt.  And even though I went to Jo-Ann on Friday, all I came home with was three quilt magazines and holiday sale items.

In this Week: 0 yards
In year to Date:  0 yards
Out this Week: 2.5 yards
Out Year to Date: 2.5 yards
Net Used for 2014: 2.5 yards

I spent much of the week working on Celtic Solstice.  It will be a joyous day when I can count that fabric out.  I can't think of a recent project where I've done so much reverse sewing. Yes, I've revised a couple of wonky seams, but I've also had to take out more misplaced parts than usual -- spikes pointing in and one just plain sideways!  When I make stupid mistakes like that I know it's time to STEP AWAY FROM THE MACHINE!

Nevertheless, I'm extremely happy with the progress.  DH took a look at my design wall and said, "How did you make those circles?"  I'll try to make a couple of blocks each day this week, but layout and assembly will have to wait till a little retreat next week.

(Yes, I know one of the 4-patches is going in the wrong direction.  Can you find it?  I may leave it that way ....)

I also spent some time thinking about the dinosaurs in my closet and drawers.  The oldest is over 12 years old, for Pete's sake!  So here's what made my Top Six Dinosaurs list:

1.  Irish Chain baby quilt - started for grandson who is now 12.  I wrote about it here.

Dinosaur 2 - Nosegay

2.  Nosegay - hand-pieced and homely.  My second major project 12 years ago.  Originally planned to be a pair of twins, it may end up one larger quilt. 

Dinosaur 3 - Sunflower Braid

3.  Sunflower braid - Original plan was to stencil a plain panel between the braid pairs.  I could omit the strippy panel or substitute a printed fabric.  I love strippy quilts!

4.  The Color Project - This was a guild challenge.  My assignment was 3 alternating colors with an accent.  I liked it so much I decided to make it into a quilt, but I was short of one fabric.  Plus I worked two machines and my blocks didn't come out the same size.  Time to get reacquainted. 

5.  Strips & Curves - Started 8 years ago, rolled up on a noodle for at least 4 years, it's time to finish this wall hanging.  The curves scare me, but I'll muddle through.

6.  Bloom Where Planted - another guild challenge, based on a Mary Englebreit favorite phrase.   All it needs is quilting.   This should be easy.

I am committed to eliminating these six in 2014.  Some may end up smaller than planned, or become pillows and bed runners, but they will be done.  Visit me often to check on my progress.

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  1. Done is done! Size doesn't count.

  2. Now I know we're cut from the same cloth, I did a LOT of unsewing on Celtic Solstice too and likely moreso than on any other project I've ever done! I like your colorway using the red. I almost changed mine as I did with last year's mystery, but decided to stick with Bonnie's color choices since I had enough orange - I don't like orange, and don't use it usually - and it was a way to use what I had finally. I chuckled when you called your aging beauties 'dinosaurs'. Head 'em up, move 'em out :)


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