Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Service with a Smile

Jury Duty -- love it or hate it.

At least I had the opportunity to choose which dates (a first for me) I wanted to be on call for jury duty.  I chose the last week of January-first week of February because 1) there was no conflict with quilty activities, 2) I'd get it over early, and 3) there'd be greater chance of being cancelled due to bad weather. LOL

Wouldn't you know, my name was the 9th one called!  After half a day of questions and weeding out, the jury was seated just before lunch.  Hoping tomorrow we'll be done.  It's an interesting circuit court criminal case that I can't tell you anything about at this point.  I almost fell asleep during the 1-hour of dash-cam video where only an occasional word was discernible. But I found my head snapping back and forth between guilty and not guilty all day.  

Such a great learning experience.  I'm happy to serve!

If only I could have taken handwork.  Tomorrow I'll probably take my last five blocks of Rock Island Campfires to tear the paper off at lunch time.

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