Monday, January 20, 2014

Monday, Again

Three weeks into the year and not a whole lot to show for it.

Absolutely nothing accomplished on Nosegay (Dinosaur #2).  It never left the box at retreat.

Instead I spent four days working on a completely new project -- Rock Island Campfires.  So much for that resolution to finish two before starting one! Ha ha.

Anyway, as I described in Saturday's post, I was coerced into this by a good friend who suggested that all five of us make one of these quilts while we were retreating at Rock Island State Park.   She saw it in Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting and thought we just HAD to do it because of the name.  In the end we'll each have a special quilt to memorialize our ten years (and more) at Rock Island.

40-Block Chain
I finished  about 80 of the 120 4-1/2" units and got about a dozen 9-1/2" blocks together.  Probably would have gotten further except I was running out of B&W strips.

I am excited about how it's coming together.

Rock Island Campfires

I have quite a few things to accomplish this week; RIC will just have to wait for the guild sit 'n' sew on Saturday.

Plans for the week:

  1. Catch up on correspondence.
  2. Bind Cady Gray's quilt and mail it back to her.
  3. Rewrite pattern for Irish Grandmother.
  4. Develop supply list for Irish Grandmother.
  5. Develop supply list for Wink & a Smile
Doesn't leave a whole lot of time for quilting, but I'll try to get some more done on Celtic Solstice.  Oh, yes, and backs for French Braid and at least one more WFQ (waiting for quilting) flimsy.  And, and, ....... getting tired just thinking about it!

Thanks for stopping by.  Hop on over to Judy's place at Patchwork Times to see what others are working on.


  1. Libby, I think it was a good plan -- five friends working together on their individual commemorative quilts?! How could you pass that up?! It's lovely, too. As a full-time RVer and a campground host, I may have to look into making one of these!! Have a fun week! :)

    1. I can't believe how much you accomplish from your RV! Where are you hosting? And do you move around?

  2. Wow those are some great blocks! that is going to be amazing when it's completed.

  3. Love your Rock Island Campfires blocks. Can't wait to see it finished!

  4. I think you Rock Island Campfire blocks are great!!

  5. Great project, and it's okay that you started that one - it's special! You can still stick to your two-for-one plan the rest of the year. =) I'm in E. TN!

  6. Your Rock Island Campfires blocks are lovely! Very cheerful.

  7. Replies
    1. Thanks. The first class I ever took in 1999 was string blocks. Never finished the project and haven't done any since. Good way to use up scraps, but I'll use a bigger foundation next time!

  8. Your Rock Island Campfire quilt looks great! I'll keep checking in to see how it progresses. I think I've got the idea for my Celtic Solstice all worked out, now I just have to execute the plan!!


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