Friday, January 24, 2014

Taking Stock

That's a weird saying, "taking stock."  Ever wonder where the expressions we use come from?

Rather than wait till the end of the month to "take stock" of my new year's goals, I've been trying to keep them in mind every day.  I publicly stated my goals here.  So here's where I stand.


  • Upside - I discovered that blogging through Google Chrome gives better results than Windows IE11.  I was getting compatibility error messages in Windows and it finally reached the point that photos would not upload.  Now I can see some of the options others told me about that weren't showing up in Windows.  Life if good!
  • Downside - Still spending too much time, but have learned to set limits like looking at only 20 links in one sitting or stopping after 3 losses in Spider. <g>
  • Up - Using more unprocessed foods, more fresh vegetables.
  • Down - Let's just say I still can't eat off my kitchen floor.
Dining Room:
  • Up - Cleaned the table off completely at least twice.
  • Down - It's become the repository for my computer and bills and paperwork and notes and pencils .....  BUT the kitchen counter now stays clear and since we spend more time in the kitchen, this is essentially an up!
Rock Island Campfires
  • I have miles to go on this one.  No UFOs finished yet this month, no progress on dinosaurs, and I started a new project.  There's still a week left in the month, so I could meet this goal, but I'm on-call for jury duty the next two weeks.  If I could only take handwork into the courtroom ....
  • Up - Having success in replacing negative thoughts with joyful ones.  
  • UP - The best for last - By just eliminating most grains except rice (limit myself to a few crackers a day) and reducing the amount of refined sugar, I have lost 2 pounds and already feel better. 
Highlight of the week:  A red fox trotted up the drive this morning.  First sighting in five years here.

Keep Calm and Quilt On!


  1. I envision "taking stock" as something like taking inventory, an assessment, as you did in this post (hopefully the origin had nothing to do with cattle rustling, lol). Rock Island Campfires is eye-catching, I like how the b & w plays with the bits of color. If it's any consolation, I don't think I'd ever be able to eat off my kitchen floor either (nor would I want to even if it were spotless), I keep cast off towels (clean & folded) in my laundry area and every now & again take and wet one, toss it on the floor, step on it and do a little shuffle-dance to clean my floor - of course, that's pretty easy when the floor space is only 4' x 6'. A red fox, wow, imagine that was a pretty site.

  2. I love your Rock Island Campfires! This is something like my Brights, but you've classed it up with those black and whites. Congrats on your goals, you're doing well. And we saw a fox here the other week!

    1. I had the same thought when I saw your Brights quilt! I love brights on black. Got one row of RIC sashed together today. Yay!


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