Saturday, December 3, 2022

Countdown Day 3

It was high time I started decorating, so I pulled out a few boxes and put up a few things.  I don't remember it taking this much effort when I was younger and had kids to help me.  I concentrated on the living room today.  

I'm embarrassed to say that this Christmas wall hanging never came down after last year.

The creche and a few miniature manger scenes fit nicely on the table below.   The "fancy" stockings have a home on the living room fireplace.  The ones Santa will fill will be in the family room.

The Advent tree yielded a very welcome treat after the efforts of the day --

Yes, I needed that after hauling boxes up from the basement and digging through closets for missing items.  Note to Self:  have a better plan for next year!


  1. I know what you mean - we brought boxes in from the storage area outside and when I saw we I mean I brought in almost everything and then Mike finally caught on to what I was doing and got the largest boxes with the inside tree and the other big box that he has for all the outside stuff. I got some stuff up but not all of it - remind me why do we do this every year LOL

  2. I've been doing the same thing today! Pretty wall-hanging above your creche - I might leave it up all year, too. The Advil in your Advent calendar is a hoot! Now how did she know you'd be needing that today?!

  3. If I had a wall hanging as pretty as your tree piece, I'd keep it up too! So charming! Your home looks so festive! Laughed out loud at the Advil! Have a great day and sending hugs!

  4. Yes, it takes more effort every year. I still haven't gotten up on a stool to get to the top shelf. I think I will put the box on the floor of the closet so I don't need to do any climbing next year.


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