Friday, December 16, 2022

Day 16 -- Day 1

So today is the 16th day of Advent and our treat has already been consumed.

Chocolate and mint -- one of my favorite combos!  DH didn't complain, either.

On the quilting front, this was my first day on my own with the new longarm.  

 Not sure why I have missed stitches in the midst of an otherwise perfect pass.  I obviously missed some points in the hasty training after the day-long installation yesterday.  I think I unstitched as much as I stitched today.  The digital manual and videos are proving very helpful, though and I am not discouraged.  Just taking it in small bites.


  1. it will take a little bit to get used to the machine I would think. I have heard some people use a small panel to practice on that they picked up on sale so they don't ruin something they really like.
    Can't go wrong with chocolate

  2. There's always a learning curve and it never works like it does during training. Good luck!

  3. Chocolate and mint is definitely a good combination! Keep going - you'll figure it out!

  4. Well we all take time to learn new things! I know you will master the long arm before you know it! Yum on choc/mint! Have a great day!

  5. I just read all your "days" Libby. So much wonderful!! Topping the list is that lovely GGD of course, But a new long arm too! Choc/mint is my favourite combo too. Lovely blocks on your design wall and here's to learning new things/gismos, etc. Your back will no doubt thank you for it too but good to know your bones are dense still. LOL


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