Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Day 21

Another do-nothing day.  Well, mostly -- I did move all the wrapping supplies from one guest room to another so that I could get the bed made for my sister-in-law who arrives tomorrow.  I wrapped a few gifts and filled stockings.  And I made a last-minute drive to the local grocery for Yukon Gold potatoes that I will need over the weekend when stores will be closed.  All they had was a 5-pound bag so I will share with my daughter-in-law who will be entertaining their kids and the grand for almost a week.

Today's Advent treat was a combo creative/useful gift.

The lens wipe will go into our travel supplies, and the mini ornament will hang on our antique candelabra tree where I put many of our small hand-made ornaments.


  1. I always put off wrapping until the last minute - and I don't even have that many to wrap! Sweet ornament. Those lens wipes come in handy - we use them, too!

  2. I finished all my wrapping on Monday. I even got most of the wrapping stuff put away, mostly because I was wrapping Grad Girls bedroom and she'll need that for the holiday. Stay warm, it's cold here.

  3. I've wrapped most everything, but need to get my house under control. Company arrives tomorrow!! Merry Christmas!

  4. Now that the redecorating is finished I hauled all the "office" boxes from the garage to the office. How did all this stuff come out of one little room [third bedroom]? I have a box of papers-to-toss, a box of files-to-archive-in-the-basement, and stacks of other stuff. At least I have a good audiobook to entertain me as I sort and decide.


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