Monday, December 5, 2022

Countdown Day 5 and the Christmas Mouse

 Today the Advent Tree contained an interesting condiment ...

I tasted it, very salty, but not spicy.  Recipe suggestions would be welcome.

After a trip into town this morning for my bone density screening and a stop at the local grocery for things Kroger didn't have, I spent the rest of the afternoon decking the living room.

That's pretty much the extent of my efforts when we are not anticipating company during the holidays.  The little tree is decorated with "annual" ornaments and remembrances of our cruises and trips to the mountains.

There is one special ornament that hides among the branches.

Can anyone explain to me why it's important to have a mouse on your tree?  My mother insisted, but I don't remember why.  I checked the internet but only came up with recently published stories about a Christmas Mouse.


  1. Your tree is very pretty! The tree and the nativity are the most important to me, too - I don't need much else for decorations. Can't tell you about the mouse (or the salt - just visited the doc about my blood pressure today - no salt for me!) but maybe someone else knows something!

  2. I don't know the reason for the mouse--but it's funny--I got a mouse alot like yours and put it on a tree branch in probably 1967 or 68 and that mouse goes on my tree every year since--it's just a tradition for me and that mouse--I have since added a few other mice--but that one is still my favorite one!!???
    hugs, di

  3. I've never heard about a mouse on the tree. There's also a "legend" about a pickle. (One wonders if those are dredged up so mail-order places can sell stuff.) Neither mouse nor pickle has been part of our tradition (growing-up or now).


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