Sunday, December 18, 2022

Day 18/3

The third Sunday of the month is a busy day at church.  I am the litergist (making announcements, reading scripture, etc.), DH counts the collection plate, and we both clean up after coffee.  It's easier to remember if we do all our chores on the same Sunday!

The rest of the day I piddled a bit in the studio.  I advanced the Christmas quilt on the frame but didn't take a stitch in it.  

Even though I had adjusted both the thread and bobbin tensions, I am still pulling the bobbin thread up.  I decided it was not objectionable enough for me to worry about at this point.

I trimmed the baby quilt and made the binding.  I also prepped some pieces for a little stocking-stuffer project (more on that later).

The treat from the Advent tree was peppermint candies, something we both enjoy.

Only one week left!


  1. Your Christmas tree quilt has such pretty color! The quilting looks good to me!

  2. Looking good! Mint is always good! I love that tree quilt!

  3. Your Christmas tree quilt is so cute. Less than a week now till Christmas, hopefully you have all your stuff under control and can just enjoy the season.

  4. Oh, I love the trees! Can you provide the link to a post showing the whole flimsy?

  5. If the bobbin thread comes to the top a little, that's good. It'll sink back down after you take the quilt off, and it ensures that you don't have the tension too loose on the bottom. Jamie Wallen has a good YouTube video called Taking the Stress Out of Longarm Tension.

  6. I second what Chris K said. That is exactly what I was going to sat.


  7. Super cute Christmas quilt, Libby!! Some of that bobbin pop might relax into the middle of the quilt once it's off the frame.


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