Monday, December 12, 2022

Day 12 - Almost Halfway There!

The morning was spent updating the Christmas card list, printing labels, and filling the envelopes.  All were deposited at the downtown post office before the last pickup.  Whew, one more thing off my list!  A stop at the clinic to pick up my bone density results (not too bad for an old woman) and an hour of physical therapy filled the rest of the day.  DH made dinner!

Today's Advent treat -- I know that's why you are really here -- is a mini-foldout photo spread of GGD.

It contains one of my favorite moments taken about 6 months ago ...

The daycare she attends celebrates birthdays with theme parties and the party this day (not her birthday) was a spa day (note the kimono robe).

OK, you may be wondering why the PT?  I've been having some issues with my middle back since April, mostly when I drive long distances (as I frequently do), and I want to improve my flexibility and strengthen my back to be in shape when the new baby arrives -- a longarm machine, due to arrive on Thursday (weather permitting).  So now the secret is out!

More about that once it's installed.  My day in Nashville on Saturday was my first training session.  One of the other ladies in the class, as it turns out, lives in the Glade also so I will have a compatriot to compare notes with.  Can you hear me breathing a little easier?

Tomorrow I will be prepping the room for it's arrival.


  1. I have bone density and mammogram on the same day next week (same location, fortunately!) - oh boy! Cute photos of your GGD, too. And so exciting to hear that your long arm is coming in just a couple days! I know it is a big learning curve, but I bet you will get a lot of use out of it.

  2. Gotta love that photo of your GGD!
    Congrats on your big move to get a long arm! Lots to learn, but you'll be glad to have it. And how nice to have a local long arm learning buddy!

  3. I've been enjoying all your Advent posts.


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