Sunday, December 11, 2022

Day 11 - Another Day of Recovery

Totally wiped out by my daylong venture to Nashville and back yesterday, I skipped church this morning.  Our upstairs HVAC quit working overnight so I offered to be the one to stay home and supervise the repairs (as if I had any inkling of how any of that works ...).  Besides, I was planning to go to a second service this afternoon to install our new pastor.  Turns out a wire had shorted out and the repairs were covered under our warranty!

So I basically vegged out for the day with the exception of doing two loads of laundry.  And, of course, collecting the Advent treat for the day -- candied ginger.

I guess I need to look for recipes.  There are many health benefits in ginger.


  1. a lazy day is good now and then - glad your heating situation was covered over warranty that is always good news

  2. I like a lazy day, too! And ginger - for ginger snaps, maybe?

  3. Sometimes we all need a day off. Glad the HVAC was fixed so easily! Have a great day Libby!


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