Monday, December 5, 2022

Countdown Day 4

 Sunday is always a busy day for us and this one was no exception.

Lots of extra activities at church, highlighted by misprints in the bulletin that involved flipping back and forth between pages to follow a responsive affirmation.  We have a new secretary ... she'll learn.  Good thing our new pastor is flexible and has a sense of humor!

After lunch with church friends at Ruby Tuesday, we proceeded to our local cultural treasure, the Cumberland County Playhouse to see a production of Johnny and the Devil's Box.  This is an original musical that has the potential to make it to bigger stages, so watch for it.

OK -- so the 4th treat on the Advent tree is ... wait for it ... a ... refrigerator magnet, compliments of GGD Cooper (I think).



  1. You did have a busy day! So fun that you were able to go to lunch and the musical. Your GGD art makes a fun magnet, too!

  2. Your advent tree is such fun! What a great idea for a gift. It sounds like you had a great Sunday.


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