Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Day 20

The countdown continues!  How did Christmas manage to slip up on me this year?  I'm so unprepared, but I've done enough that I'm not a total loser.

Today the Advent tree yielded yet another of GDIL's magical paper crafts.

It reminds me of Elizabeth Hartman's Hazel the Hedgehog.

Another non-productive day.  PT was rescheduled for early this morning so I was able to fit in some last-minute shopping afterwards.  The good news is I'm through with physical therapy, at least until symptoms reappear which, if I keep up with my exercises, should not happen.   My goal is to stay strong enough to operate the new longarm and that should be incentive enough.

We are going to be suffering weather whiplash this week -- 47 Thursday afternoon to negative 1 by Friday morning.  Could even see a few snowflakes.  I just hope it doesn't interfere with family travel coming from the NE and the deep South. We are keeping our options open.


  1. I hope your family travels won't be interrupted but the weather coming up sure looks nasty - here on Thursday it looks like it starts in the 40's and quickly drops to 20's by afternoon and 0 by night might get snow too - hope it doesn't come with any ice - short lived by Saturday back to warmer and New Years 60 degrees? crazy -- what kind of PT were you getting? glad you are ok now

  2. I think we're all bracing for weather whiplash this week, except ours will arrive Weds night into Thursday am. I hope it doesn't mess up everyone's travel plans either. Bundle up, Libby!


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