Friday, December 23, 2022

Day 22

Thursday included more gift-wrapping along with a bit of last-minute stitching and planning a special surprise.  Sister-in-law arrived safely in the afternoon.  I only went to the studio once to put some things away.

Another Welly band-aid was the Advent treat.  I wish we had such cute bandages when my kids were little!  Only two more drawers to open 😢.  What a fun adventure this has been!   If I'm careful I may be able to safely store the cardboard construction for next year.

It's bitterly cold as I write this morning -- negative 2 with wind-chill much lower. We've had a light dusting of snow, the back door is frozen shut, and the power just blipped.  We have a generator so no worries.  Glad we don't have anywhere to go today.  I have a couple of last-minute stitching projects to work on in between baking some cranberry orange bread.

Hope youall are staying warm and dry.  I wish you safe travels and blessings for Christmas.


  1. That is a cute band-aid! Stay warm, Libby! It's -14 here this morning. Supposed to get better over the weekend, though - thank goodness!

  2. Merry Christmas! I love your band-aid. I really feel bad for the weather you all are having--and dread that it is arriving here today. Stay safe and warm Libby! Enjoy your holiday! Hugs!

  3. If I haven't already said so, how gorgeous is that Christmas tree quilt on your frame. Yes, do keep up the exercises. I find I feel achy and stiff if I don't keep the moving going. We are under a storm watch here this morning. Snow last night and raining just now to turn back to snow, we are told. All so weird. But like you guys, we are prepared. Enjoy the holiday times now, Libby.


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