Saturday, December 17, 2022

Day 17/2

The baby quilt came off the frame this morning.  It's very amateurish, but the baby will never know.  I practiced a few things ... a gentle meander with some loops,

... some wishbones,

... and some butterfly loops.


I attempted to follow the zigzags in the panel, not very successfully.  I did best with the channel-lock straight lines.

Anyway, it's off the frame, waiting to be trimmed and binding added.  Whew!  This afternoon I filled a bobbin and loaded a new quilt all by myself.

I did a test run with the new bobbin and it appears either the top tension is too tight, or the bottom is too loose.  A problem for another day.

The Advent treat for Day 17 was a holiday refrigerator magnet.  Our GDIL is a wizard with her paper-cutting machine.


  1. I think your quilting looks good! You have to start somewhere, right? Hope you get the tension issue figured out - I don't think that is an unusual issue, from what I hear. And thank you for the Christmas card, Libby!

  2. that is great - and yes you can figure out the tension another day! I hear a lot have to figure that one out. The quilting looks great.

  3. Libby, the quilting looks great! Tension is always an issue but I know you will figure it out! I love your tree quilt too and can't wait to see it! Sending hugs!

  4. The quilting looks good. It does take some time to pick up a new skill, you are doing really well. Happy quilting this week.

  5. Baby steps now-- soon this will be in stride! P.S. If you need flimsies to practice on, I can help you out. Seriously!

  6. It's SEW good to see you putting your new machine through its paces!


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