Monday, February 11, 2019


Is this not the sweetest background fabric?

I stopped at Whittle's on Friday with a very specific list:  white Grunge for Dusk to Dawn, gray Grunge for Tiny Tuesdays, and a border fabric for Chunky Churn Dash as well as a wide back for same.  Of course I had to peruse the aisles looking for the CCD border and this sweet fabric just hopped into my cart!

As soon as I got home I went to the sewing room to see if I had anything to go with the new acquisition.  I found two old repro fabrics from the New England Quilt Museum.  Before I could say "Jack Robinson" (see note below), I had washed the fabric, cut strips, and started on these.

I like that the leaves in the print mimic the motif in the background.  Sunday was devoted to this:

Three more green 9Ps are waiting to be stitched today.  It's a good thing I included the selvage in my photo; I may need to order some more background for the setting triangles and/or borders.  My size so far is defined by the amount of print fabric I had.  I may consider adding a third print to make it bigger.

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Jack Robinson is a name present in a common figure of speech used to represent quickness. The normal usage is, "(something is done) faster than you can say Jack Robinson" or otherwise "before you can say Jack Robinson." The phrase can be traced back to the eighteenth century.[1] The similar phrase "Before you can say 'Knife!'" dates from at least 1850, when it appeared in Charles Dickens' Household Words.[2]


  1. I've never heard that phrase before. Thanks for the information! Love your new project. Nine patches are so quick and fun to make.

  2. Haven't heard that phrase in ages! Love your new background print, and the friends for it that you found in your stash. Great squirrel project!

  3. I have a feeling that no matter how much of that background fabric you get, you're going to wish you had more! Such a sweet perfect little print!


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