Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Caught up with Tiny Tuesday

Just in Time for TT#4

While sitting at the eye doctor yesterday, I stitched down two circles from week #2.

Dots on my knees
I can't get over the impression that they look to be done in reverse applique.  Maybe it's just the red, or maybe it's my phone camera.

You can see from the pins that I am stitching the circles on top.  First I basted around the oversized circles I had cut, then pulled up the basting threads around a cardboard circle cut from a breakfast bar box.  After giving them a good shot of pressing spray, I pressed them dry, cut the basting threads and removed the cardboard circle.  Not perfect, but ...

I stitched the circles down with silk thread, a tip I learned many years ago when I was in my "applique phase."  (Besides, what else am I going to use that supply of silk thread for?)

The stitches disappear into the fabric on the front.  I hope I am equally successful on any future applique assignments!

Once back home, I set about cutting the cat from week #3.

Plaid Kitty
He was more difficult to cut than he was to stitch together!  I plan to make a second kitty in reverse to keep him company.  (That plaid is a remnant from a pair of shirts I made for a boyfriend and myself in 8th grade.)

PS:  DH got a good report from the retina specialist, but still has to continue with drops for another two months.  At least we didn't have to make the drive all the way back to his original doctor in Nashville!

And be sure to check out yesterday's late post of the most unusual sunset.  Off to Devo and Sew today.


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