Friday, January 11, 2019

Taming the Red Scraps

I should have taken a "before" picture.  I could barely latch the Super Satchel that holds the red scraps.  Here's the "after" pic.

Fat quarters (or nearly FQs) go in the left compartments and smaller chunks on the right.

I spent yesterday creating some order out of the chaos.  I pressed and sorted strips and squares. The larger chunks were cut into 5" squares because some blogger (I won't name names) mentioned Nickel Quilts which prompted me to review my books (because another unnamed blogger issued a challenge) and now I want to make EVERY quilt in both books (not unlike another nameless blogger)!!  Maybe I should stop reading blogs ...

I know from experience that I will probably have to cut those squares into smaller pieces for some of the patterns, but at least I will be inspired to get started if I have a supply of nickels handy.

The Devo and Sew group I sew with is doing an interesting "mystery" this year.  Add up the 7 digits in your phone number, open a quilt book or magazine, and make something inspired by what you see on the page.

My number total is 39.  I wasn't thrilled with that page in either book 😕.  The "rules" allow going 3 pages forward or backward.  And it's also OK to chose another source if you don't like the first option.  Instead of going for another book, I added in my zip code which made my number 51 and that put me on the page I had already marked to do.  I win!  Can't wait to get started.

Oh, wait, that means another new quilt on my list ...


  1. Quilters can rationalize anything if it means they can start a new project, can't they?!!!

  2. I love the Nickel Quilts book! So many good ideas!

  3. Your red bin looks so tidy! The phone # idea is very clever. My landline adds up to 41 and cellphone to 27. After considering this, that, and the other I finally came up with an RSC idea and got started on reds.

  4. I love your storage bin - such a great idea! Where did you find it? I had to laugh as I read on because I read somebody's post about the Nickel Quilts book last week, and thought it looked familiar. Sure enough I have that book and guess what I've been doing this week... Making blocks with 5 inch squares I had cut last year! :) We can all get each other in so much trouble!

  5. Hahaha, "added your zip code" :) Yup, I like all the Nickel books -- I've made many quilts from all of them. I also keep 5" squares on hand, for whenever the spirit moves me.

  6. I LOVED the way you kept on w/ nos. till you got to where you needed to be.I'm up and smiling BIG at this very interesting post. Have to take son-in-law for outpatient surgery this morning in a few and you helped me start my day with a big smile. Add the zip code...perfect solution. LOL


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